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A graduate master with good skills about disaster management, public administration, environment, agrarian, ecosoc, politic and civil right, human right issues, and legal drafting.
A motivated and dynamic team-worker with an enthusiastic, honest, smart, independent, self starter, initiative, combine with good interpersonal skills


Public Speaker, Social and Legal Analysis, Legal/Legislative Drafting, Negotiation, Facilitation, Lobbies and Advocacy, Writing Report and Management

Supersemar Scholarship Receiver (1996-1997)


a. The abortion Offense Responsibility at Law No. 23 1992 about Health in Centre of Jakarta Court. The Minithesis at Law Faculty of Widya Mataram Yogyakarta. 2001
b. Study And Mapping restudy of Law And Regulation ; Implementation of TAP MPR RI No. IX/MPR/2001 About Renewal of Agrarian and Natural Resources Management. (Cooperation of RACA Institute and Huma). 2004
c. Direction of Natural Resources Management Policy : Reflection of Mapping Initiative restudy of Law And Regulation By Government and DPR RI Mandate of TAP MPR RI No. IX Year 2001 About PA PSDA). Handing Out of WORKSHOP Pra-KNPSDA II. Jakarta. 19 May 2004.
d. Study of Law And Regulation Concerning with Disaster Handling. In Academic Copy The Draft of Law Disaster Handling. MPBI,APRIL 2005.
e. Paper Position Draft of Law in mineral Mining and Coal. Submitted at Hearing among NGO with the Commission of VII DPR RI. Jakarta, 12 June 2005.
f. Study of Law And Regulation Environment Area. Workshop Handing Out of Module Compilation of EPW. Cooperation KLH with LP3ES. Jakarta 23 June 2005.
g. Re-study of Natural Resources and Mining Regulation. Jatam, July 2005
h. Study of Freeport Contract : Study of Environment Contamination. WALHI. 2006
i. Analysis of Bio Region in Planology Draft of Law. WALHI. 2006
j. Analysis of Natural Resources Management, Planology And Environment : Recommendation for Aceh Government Draft of Law . WALHI. 2006
k. Analysis of Decision Constitution lawcourt About PUU Forestry In Government Perspective Policy. Journal of Lawcourt Constitution Vol. 3 No. 2 May 2006
l. The Environmental Damage Cause Called The Masterpiece Contract. Gali-gali Magazine. September Edition 2006.
m. Environmental Transgression Aspect of Freeport Case. 2006
n. Paper Position The Draft of Law Natural Resources Management of State Ministry, Draft of Law PM and various handing out seminar. Walhi. 2007
o. Manual of Regional Law (Perda) Disaster Handling. MPBI. 2007.
p. WALHI Law Case Analysis (editors). WALHI. 2008
q. Legal Analysis of Disaster Management Fund. MPBI. 2008.
r. Corporate Crime : A Study Case of Lapindo Brantas Incorporation. Thesis (2010)
s. Presentation on Disaster Management issues (2008-present)
t. Country Paper : Indonesian Flood Issue and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy. Third International Courses on IFM and Stormwater Management. MTCP-DID Malaysia. 2009
u. Non Government Participation on Disaster Management Guideline . BNPB. 2010
v. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Guideline. (Peraturan Kepala BNPB No. 17 Tahun 2010) DR4-BNPB. 2010
w. The Role of Society in Disaster Prepadness and Disaster Risk Reduction : Community Base Approaches to Prevention. A Working Groups Presentation in Regional Workshop on “Protecting and Promoting Rights in Natural Disaster in South-East Asia : Provention and Response”. CSPS UGM-The Brooking Institution University of Bern-All India Mitigation. Jogjakarta, 14-15 May 2010
x. Mapping Institution (government and non government) on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. DR4/UNDP-BNPB. 2011.
y. Country Report “Indonesian Disaster Management System” on Jenesys East Asia Future Leaders Programme 2011. Japan. 19-31 January 2011. Japan Foundation-MOFA
z. President Decree for Disaster Management Implementation (draft). SCDRR/UNDP-MOHA. 2010.
aa. Ministry of Home Affair Regulation on Disaster Management Implementation in Provincial and District (draft Permendagri). 2011
bb. PDNA Guideline. DR4-BNPB. 2011.
cc. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline. DR4-BNPB. 2012.
dd. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Action Plan Guideline (Drfat). DR4-BNPB. 2012
ee. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Grant Guideline. DR4-BNPB. 2011.

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